Customized Gifts

Guide to Customized Gifts

Customized corporate gift¬†are basically presents that are individually tailored to a person’s personality and name. For example, a pen with someone’s initials engraved is customized to that individual. There are many ways to ensure that the customized gift is memorable.

For one, make sure that the gift is good quality. There is nothing worse than giving people customized gifts that are of little value. The best idea is to go in on a gift pool with others in order to ensure that there is appropriate funds for the gift. A hundred dollar pen engraved with one’s initials that is refillable will be a lot more meaningful than a 15 dollar one that doesn’t even write very well.

Another thing to consider is what would be meaningful to the person. Sentimental customized gifts are always more favorable than something a person will not use. If the person is a teacher, then a pen would be a sentimental gift. Or, a golden apple engraved with initials will be something that the teacher can proudly display for years yet to come.

Another thing is the material. Usually, precious metals do not tarnish over time and make excellent engravings. For example, a person’s name engraved with gold lettering. However, even that will fade, however the imprint will still remain. So as long as the gift will last, like a sterling silver watch, then the engraving will always be there as long as the gift can be used.

It is alright not to give the perfect gift. Sometimes, as much as people try, they might give something to a person that is not of value to them. That happens but even then, customized gifts require some thought and effort, which can be touching to the receiver of the item. This guide to customized gifting singapore will help generate some great ideas for fresh and inspired presents.

5 Benefits of Advertising your business on Youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest and most used websites in the world and plays host to millions of videos on all sorts of subjects. Lots of businesses are getting on board and making videos, either directly or loosely directed to their business, to advertise themselves on the video site. It is no longer only the realm of big companies who can afford tv advertising for film adverts. A youtube film can be made relatively cheaply and can also be used to target a set audience quickly and affordably. This short article gives you 5 reasons for why you should jump on board the bandwagon and start making some youtube films to advertise your business.


  1. Youtube attracts a lot of traffic – I mean A LOT of traffic

Every day on youtube about 4 billion videos are viewed. Many people use it as a search engine in itself and if you can get your video up there then the possibilities are huge. It is particularly useful if you are targeting the younger market. According to Nielson, youtube attracts more 18-34 year olds than any cable tv station.


  1. You can use the content elsewhere


There are loads of ways that you can use your video once it has been uploaded – why not spread it around via blogs or use it in company presentations. It can be a great asset in more than one way.


  1. It gives you access to a global audience

Language tends to be the main limiting factor about reaching many markets. After all, not everyone speaks English! If you can create a film using just images and music that cuts to the heart, then you can access minds and markets all over the world.


  1. Make a good video and your audience will do your marketing for you


The best thing about creating a good video on social media is that it can be shared around. Sharing is a very popular social media activity. If they like your clip then it will likely be played again and again and again across screens all over the place.


  1. Make money with adsense

Again, if your video is good, not only will you attract people to your business, you could also generate revenue through adsense. Indeed, some companies employ marketing teams who make more money than the main business because they have such good youtube videos. If a viewer clicks any of the ads on your video then you earn 68% of the revenue of that ad.


Hopefully this has encouraged you to go out and get some recording equipment and you will soon start your youtube wing of your business marketing strategy.

Why should you be using Wechat for your business?

There is a revolution going on in terms of communications and instant messaging is at the heart of it. Platform services such as Wechat are able to merge popular means of communications, such as texting, social media and video conferencing with useful tools that help businesses keep track of expenses. Wechat is therefore a really useful tool for businesses, for multiple reasons, and this short article will explain why. It has become one of the largest standalone messaging apps in the world with over a billion accounts created and 700 million active users. It is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian phones.


What services does it provide?

  • Text messaging.
  • Broadcast messaging (one to many).
  • Voice messaging.
  • Video Conferencing.
  • Location sharing.
  • Enables you to share images and videos.
  • Video games
  • Compatible with facebook
  • Send money to others (assuming you have a pay account)
  • Pay for things
  • Edit photographs


Many of the above features are useful for companies looking to innovate the way that their employees correspond. The video conferencing system and broadcast messaging services are really useful as it enables short bits of information to be told to everyone quickly and easily, and in a single location. The location services feature could also be useful if say, organising a meeting in a certain place and adding it to a diary. The sending money service is particularly useful, especially when it comes to allowing expenses for employees, say for lunch or dinner out of the office. A further special feature is the ability for instant translation, really useful if dealing with customers from overseas.


There is a special version of WeChat called ‘Enterprise WeChat’, launched in April 2016, which helps employees separate their personal account from their work account. Companies can keep track of annual leave days by using the system as well as reimbursing employees. Employees are also able to book off holiday days by using the system and let the boss know if they are not in the office. All in all, it is a useful addition.


All in all, there are many reasons why this service might be useful for your business and you should certainly consider taking it on, or at least running an experiment to see how it might benefit life in the office.