Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal is treatment carried out to repair diseased, severely damaged or infected tooth.This is needed when X-ray shows nerve or pulp became inflamed by bacteria, which live in the mouth.The pulp begins to die when infected by bacteria which allows the bacteria to multiply and spread. It is vital to visit your dentist to perform root canal treatment if you observe symptoms of pulp infection.

Dentists in Singapore perform the following procedure:

Preparation of tooth-An opening is made to pulp chamber through the crown. The unhealthy pulp and caries are removed from root canal by use of disinfecting solutions and sterilized dental files. The tooth is protected against injury by cementing orthodontic band around the tooth.

Isolation of tooth

A rubber dam is used to isolate a treated tooth hence this avoids bacteria and salivary contamination of pulp cavity.

Preparation of access cavity

The aim is to provide direct access to root canals by Depacific.To note the size, position of pulp chamber,X-rays should be carried out. And entire top layer of pulp chamber removed to be cleaned. This is necessary so as to achieve sound tooth structure.

Determination of length of working

By using radiographs a file is inserted and should be of sufficient size, this is done to access amount of space is required during working.

Shaping and cleaning of tooth

This is done to remove any caries ,pulp tissue from root canal and shaping to so that filling entire root canal system is easy. In cleaning and shaping a copious amount of solution is used, this helps to remove debris, lubricate canals instruments.


Permanent medical paste that protects further damage is used in filling the canals of infected tooth. Finally a temporary filling material is used to close the opening on top of permanent material, therefore filling stays till when the tooth achieves a permanent filling. For additional treatment the dentist may prescribe antibiotics.

Residential Aircon Chemical Cleaning

How to choose top residential Aircon chemical cleaning

Air conditioners are important appliance in the house and they need that they be taken care of. In case of a breakdown, it is very crucial that you look for a good residential aircon chemical cleaning company that will help you repair it. However, it is very important that you take good care of your aircon to save on extra costs.

A breakdown of your aircon can really be a stress and can put you down

This can be well understood by someone who have had this before. Aircon repair should always be done well and efficiently. This is best done by experts who understand their job well. This will therefore help you save more cash in the process Aircon cleaning and repair needs to be performed by experts for you to have the best outcome. To choose the best contractor for your aircon cleaning, you should consider the following.

 Working with referrals

To ensure that you are working with a good company that is highly regarded by their previous jobs, you can get this from a friend or colleagues who have ever worked with them. This is the best method for weighing these companies as you are sure they will give you same services like the one previously provided. This will save you much time but it involves a lot of phone calls and searching. The company should be certified and licensed to carry out the task. Cleaning Companies that take time registering and getting certification always work well. Substandard unregistered companies always provide poor services in the long run

Ensure that you are working with an insured company

This is in case you will have problems in the house when carrying out the cleaning work. This is an important precaution that many people do not consider until when an incident occurs. This will give you some peace of mind as you carry out the cleaning.

Finally the company should give you a dependable follow up services

This mostly will involve high-quality customer care and subsequent services. This therefore means the company like Airecontrol that you choose to work with should be willing to be accountable of the work they do. They should also be willing to monitor the situation and give reasonable rates for any additional services. Initial services should also be within your means.