Writing Course

Benefit of Attending a Writing Course

A writing course can help you tremendously. You might not think that you need one, but if you want to do anything writing related professionally, it will help. The following is a list of the benefits of attending a writing course:


  • Learn how to say things grammatically – Even the software Grammarly cannot help you if you are hopeless at writing. It might be a good tool to catch the occasional error for you, but it will not rewrite a paper for you or help you will writing clients. Yeah, some people at work might not like your writing style, but bad grammar- well that is just unprofessional.


  • Meet some friends – Yes, you can meet people in writing classes from Aventis Learning too. You are often paired into groups and asked to go over each others’ writing. This is a great bonding exercise. You never know when you will meet such a great group of people that you want to start a writing club with them. This kind of thing happens all the time in writers’ circles.


  • Find your voice – In writing, learning how to say things in your own unique way is called finding your voice. Writing is a lot like talking except when you write when you’re nervous, it really doesn’t show that much. However, if you’re out on a date and nervous, you might start talking in a funny lisp or say “like” every second word. Writing well cannot help you with the latter unfortunately.


  • Prepare to publish – This is one of the best benefits of writing well. You become so good that you cannot just keep your scribbles to the drawer anymore. You will want to take that prose and find a publisher. Whether this is a blog online or just a story you submit for a contest, you never know where your proficient writing will lead.


These are just some of the benefits of learning to write well in a writing class. You will always have a memorable experience and be doing something that will benefit multiple facets of your life.

Venture Investments

Venture Investment

To start with, venture investment is a type of finance given to an upcoming firm which has a potential to grow. Venture investment in Singapore strives because of very many reasons. Some of the reason that reasons for the same are as follows.

  • Singapore is much modernized in very many sectors. This includes also the infrastructure which is key for a venture investment.
  • There are very many investments in Singapore.
  • Singapore is strategically located in Asia which has a very good market because of very many investors.
  • The life in Singapore is very quality as it has a good economy. Having a venture investment will assure both a quality life and a quality business.
  • It is easy to emigrate from Singapore to other countries. Travelling is part and parcel of an investor. There are workable immigration policies in Singapore which makes traveling a lesser process.


Venture investment firms in Singapore.

Venture investment is one of the newest things in Singapore since the beginning of the 21 century. It has since grown and there are a number of firms that practice venture investment.

They include;

  • Golden Equator Capital. This is a┬áThis is a venture investment based in Singapore towards Asia.
  • Rebright partners. This is a VI dealing with information technology and the internet to be particular. It also deals with mobile start-ups. This firm is based in Tokyo and Singapore.
  • Sirius venture capital. It was formed in 2002. It has its branches in Singapore and other companies.
  • Vertex ventures. It has its branches in Asia and the US.
  • Walden international. It invests in areas such as mobile, software, cleantech and digital media.

Venture investment in Singapore has grown and developed over the years since it was introduced. The main companies that have grown in VI are mainly:

  • Internet-based companies.
  • Mobile-based companies.
  • E-commerce based companies

All these companies have attracted investors in Singapore.