5 Benefits of Advertising your business on Youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest and most used websites in the world and plays host to millions of videos on all sorts of subjects. Lots of businesses are getting on board and making videos, either directly or loosely directed to their business, to advertise themselves on the video site. It is no longer only the realm of big companies who can afford tv advertising for film adverts. A youtube film can be made relatively cheaply and can also be used to target a set audience quickly and affordably. This short article gives you 5 reasons for why you should jump on board the bandwagon and start making some youtube films to advertise your business.


  1. Youtube attracts a lot of traffic – I mean A LOT of traffic

Every day on youtube about 4 billion videos are viewed. Many people use it as a search engine in itself and if you can get your video up there then the possibilities are huge. It is particularly useful if you are targeting the younger market. According to Nielson, youtube attracts more 18-34 year olds than any cable tv station.


  1. You can use the content elsewhere


There are loads of ways that you can use your video once it has been uploaded – why not spread it around via blogs or use it in company presentations. It can be a great asset in more than one way.


  1. It gives you access to a global audience

Language tends to be the main limiting factor about reaching many markets. After all, not everyone speaks English! If you can create a film using just images and music that cuts to the heart, then you can access minds and markets all over the world.


  1. Make a good video and your audience will do your marketing for you


The best thing about creating a good video on social media is that it can be shared around. Sharing is a very popular social media activity. If they like your clip then it will likely be played again and again and again across screens all over the place.


  1. Make money with adsense

Again, if your video is good, not only will you attract people to your business, you could also generate revenue through adsense. Indeed, some companies employ marketing teams who make more money than the main business because they have such good youtube videos. If a viewer clicks any of the ads on your video then you earn 68% of the revenue of that ad.


Hopefully this has encouraged you to go out and get some recording equipment and you will soon start your youtube wing of your business marketing strategy.