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Finding the Best Florist in Singapore

The flower business in Singapore is a huge industry. There are lots of florists Singapore online and offline outlets such that consumers are spoilt for a choice. However, a customer who conducts prior research before ordering is most likely to get the best product at the best price. Let’s check some of the top things to look for in the best florist in Singapore.

Past customer feedback

The best way to assess the suitability of a florist is how current and past customers feel about them. You see, satisfied customers will most of the time leave reviews on the website of the florist or in some other review sites. Before you work with any florist, check to see what customers are saying.

Quality of the flowers

After you zero in on the florist Singapore, visit their store if they are near to where you live or engage them on the phone. Ask to know where they get their flowers from. This is because; the source of flowers affects the quality of flowers. Another thing that affects the source of flowers is the handling while at the store and during delivery to you. The florist should be clear about the mode of delivery they rely on.


Time is of essence when it comes to flowers. There is no point of ordering flowers that will arrive after the day they are needed. Know the delivery schedule of your florist. To make sure you get the flowers in time, make your orders early. Avoid last minute rushes at all costs.


The expertise, the creativity as well as the experience of florist must not be forgotten. Try to get information about the number of years a florist has been operating.

Value for money

When working with a florist Singapore, it is important to get value for money. Work with a florist who understands this simple fact.

Parting shot

Use this as your checklist when looking for a florist in Singapore.