Safety Glasses

How to choose the best safety glasses

Eyes are very sensitive, thus need a lot of protection, more so when you are in a work place. Dangers that are associated with when you fail to wear them are: small particles getting into your eyes, chemical splash, UV and radiation, and the sparks and flames burning your eyes.

When you are out in the market shopping for safety glasses, there are some factors to take into consideration. These factors include:

Type of safety glasses

There are different safety glasses meant for different types of protection. The following are some of the various types of safety glasses and the appropriate one to look for:

  • For Welding, the appropriate glasses would be those ones that are tinted or shaded, so that they would protect your eyes from the infrared and ultraviolet welding light.
  • For janitorial, it is better to buy the safety goggles online that have side vents so that air can be able to circulate and also to expel the moisture. This will help in preventing chemicals like bathroom cleaners from getting into your eyes.
  • For plumbing, it is better to get safety glasses that have a nose piece that is enhanced so that when you sweat, it is directed to the designed ridges.
  • For landscaping, the best safety glasses to ensure that you are protected from leaves and branches are those ones that have transition lenses, in that they can be adjusted to the appropriate lighting condition.


Which lenses do you need

Lenses come in different colors, and each color has a specific function. To know which color you need, you first need to understand which place or environment you are being exposed to.


What is the optical density?

Every type of job requires a certain optical density. For instance, there may be need for an optical density when using a laser. Let the one selling the glasses know which type of work you will be performing so that he/she can choose the best optical density for you.