Wonder of Baby Play Yard

Babies are the best gift every parent wants to have. However, the trouble comes when you have to give them full-time attention. As a parent, you may want to engage in other activities like washing clothes, preparing meals and engaging in other chores. Yet still, the need to take care of your baby is paramount. What do you do? disown your baby? Definitely you don’t want to do that. Baby Play yards solve all these.

Play yards offers a safe place for your baby to play or rest at home and even when you travel. It also allows you to go about your activities while ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby. They are always easy to collapse, giving you a portable play yard for your baby we suppose this is what every parent needs.

Nevertheless, you may want to consider some factors before you settle on a baby play yard to purchase according to Adertek Lifestyle. We will proceed to discuss those factors

a) Portability

If you are a frequent traveler, and was worried whether play yards can still help, you need to worry no more. You only need to consider the weight of the yard and how easy it is to take the play yard with you when traveling. A play yard that is somewhat light is the right choice for you.

b) Safety

As a parent, your number one interest is the safety of the baby. So in buying a baby play yard it is advisable you test the stability and the structural integrity of the play yard. This would save your baby from preventable injuries.

c) Lockable wheels

Wheels allows for easy movement with the play yards. This allows you to change the setting of the play yard anytime.

The wheels should be lockable to ensure stability of the play yard and ensures that your baby doesn’t slide.

d) Storage pockets

Modern baby play yards are fitted with in-built storage pockets for extra clothes, playing items like toys, diapers and blankets. This will be an added advantage to you as a parent.

e) Weight limits

Almost every play yard has a weight limit. It is therefore advisable that you know the weight of your baby and get the right March of play yard with a better weight limit.

f) Budget

Basically, play yards cost between $50-300. Whether cheap or expensive, play yards all serve the same purpose. You must therefore not buy the expensive ones. You may also be in a budget limit, under such, you only want to consider the play yard you can afford.

g) Removable bassinet and changer

If you travel frequently, then the removable bassinet may be very useful to you. This can save you the agony of buying a separate bassinet.

If you want to use your play yard as a changing station, then consider buying a a play yard with included changing-table.

h) Easy to fold

You can also consider how easy a play yard folds and reassembles if you are among these moms who travel a lot. This allows for easy use and Storage.

i) Canopy

You can also consider buying a play yard with canopy to share your baby from harsh sunlight. However this can be unnecessary expensive as you can avoid putting your child in direct sunlight


We hope that as a potential buyer, you found this useful to you in choosing the right play yard for your baby.


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